The physics establishment has screwed it up for everybody
It's not nice to cheat the prizegivers!
Again and again and again!
Prospective American Nobel Laureates will pay the price
That includes President Obama's future prospects for the Peace Prize
Unless America apologizes to the World now


First, a bit of history:


(written in the year of Our Lord 3001)

The decline and fall stage of the Great American Civilization was brought about primarily because of the excesses of the intellectuals - whether in the political arena, the governance arena, the economic arena, the social arena or the scientific-technological arena. They were after name, wealth, public adulation, power and perceived immortality. These excesses led them headlong into activities that were downright dishonest and dishonorable, and in cases, fraudulent. If there were any honest elements among them, they put collegial harmony ahead of their intellectual responsibility.

The above activity was actually engaged in by the best and the cleverest few in each intellectual community. The rank-and-file intellectuals during this period were not of very good quality at all. They just followed or condoned the powerful among them, like so much cattle. This was a contributing factor.

Moreover, the intellectual players described a set of rules of conduct for themselves, and another set for others. Likewise, they described one set for America, and another set for the rest of the World.

Because of the excesses of the intellectuals, an unprecedented phenomenon came about and became commonplace. Time and time and time again, clever individuals kept deceiving the entire nation for long periods of time. It was as though the nation was asleep with her eyes wide open - as if under the influence of some type of opiate. The result was great ecomonic disasters, and also great death.

But, for the inquisitive student wishing to delve deeper, the root cause of all this becomes quickly obvious. In the time period in question, the safeguard against bad actors in the socio-political system they used to call Democracy was the so-called Media, meaning the News Dissemination and Analysis Agencies. The public blindly swallowed what the Media served up to them. During the decline phase, this Media itself became very much a bad actor. It went along with the excesses because its members were themselves engaged in excesses. News reporters saw themselves as celebrities. They were more interested in self-promotion and Narcissism than in their societal responsibility. For this reason, it behooved them to serve the cause of the powerful establishments, rather than be watchful with respect to them. The Media had, for example, glossy weekly magazines that adulated powerful people in the Government and in the Intelligentsia. These powerful people in turn craved to be adulated in these magazines. In this way, the people behind the magazines became powerful themselves. They became celebrities. There formed a veritable Media-Intelligentsia alliance that was up to no good. Things got so bad that the Media not only looked the other way, but in fact began to promote the establishments' deceit and fraud. As all this was happening, the hapless society - the audience for whose 'benefit' all this was happening - went under. No barbarians at the gate, no plagues, no famines - the splendid civilization simply destroyed itself from within, entirely on its own steam and with eyes wide open! RIP.




Why is it so hard to find an honest physicist?

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Essays on:
Physics in the Twenty-first Century

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Bibhas De

Copyright 2008, 2009 by Bibhas R. De


In this web page, which is fully backed by material in other long-standing web pages, I described a matter I call


I will first explain to the general readership why, after considerable deliberation and great reluctance (as an American myself), I have chosen to use the above expression.


Just over a hundred years ago, in 1905 and 1906 Samuel Hopkins Adams, a great American and a great savior of America, wrote a series of articles assailing the fraudulent "Patent Medicine" industry which was a big and burgeoning business at the time. Adams single-handedly brought about the revolution against this most powerful group backed by the Media, and took them down. His work eventually led to the formation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Every Amrican living today owes him. The telltale title of his now historical series: THE GREAT AMERICAN FRAUD. This is where I have taken my cue from. Today, we are dealing with the intellectual version of the snake oil peddlers that Adams dealt with.

Why 'American'?

The fraud was perpetrated within the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which is funded by the US taxpayers. Taking advantage of the fact that few people have access to what goes on with advanced space technology within NASA and even fewer to what goes on with a satellite in orbit, NASA people perpetrated this fraud. American scientists then aided/abetted/condoned/promoted this fraud. (If some of them were victims and did this unknowingly, they did nothing when the fraud was exposed nearly two years ago.) It is a pre-condition for the Nobel Prize that a discovery be published in a "refereed" journal. The sham discovery papers were published in a well-known American journal. The world-dominating American scientific establishment and the world-dominating American media then launched a tremendous campaign to enshrine this 'discovery'. The discoverer began to receive accolades from various vaunted and time-honored American institutions (such as the US National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Franklin Institute, US Presidential Award) - in a build-up towards the Nobel Prize. The pervasive impression was thus created that the discovery had been evaluated and anointed at the highest of levels many times over - that it had withstood the test of time. The whole time all this was going on, the fraud was in plain evidence. This build-up of the accolades and the scientific consensus led to a crescendo which hoodwinked and psyched the Swedish Nobel people into enshrining the discovery. Once the Nobel Prize was given the Swedes were completely helpless to do anything about it. The Nobel Prize, once awarded, cannot be revoked for any reason. Thus the Swedes were left holding the bag. After the fraud was exposed by me, all the American parties above plus the US Government (through the inaction of their agency called Office of Science and Technology Policy, OSTP, which reports to the President and is located within the office of the President of the United States, The White House) continued to remain silent. Need I say more?

I will say more. If you go to the web link at the bottom of this page, you will see that SEVEN American physics Nobel Prizes are now called into question. How can this be unless the American establishment exercised overwhelming influence on the award of the Prize and a coalition went along with them?

Why 'Great'?

Because this discovery addresses the greatest mystery of all: the Origin of the Universe. They claimed to settle this issue once for all. They declared that the Universe began with a big bang 13.73 +/- 0.16 billion years ago, as evinced by an all-pervasive cosmic radiation corresponding to a temperature of 2.73 degrees Kelvin. They wrapped this in high technology and gave it a biblical aura. They then harshly took to task anyone who did not accept all these. I heard an American scientist on PBS TV say something like: "Anyone who does not believe in Big Bang anymore is ...."

In effect, the above ideas today have been enshrined as an extension of Genesis.

Why 'fraud'?

Because there is no way in God's green Earth that all this could have come about without elaborate deliberative effort to make this come about.

Why 'cover up'?

In perpetrating the fraud, the players felt completely secure. They are the highest and the most powerful group of intellectuals in human history, backed by the Media and the Government. To uncover their complex high-tech space fraud, it would take someone scientifically superior to them, with simultaneous expertise in a wide variety of fields, and with the stones to take them on. Of course, they knew, such a person could not exist.

When this tacit assumption proved wrong, they shifted to a 'cover up' mode.

Two years after the fraud was exposed, there has been no public acknowledgement that anything is wrong with this discovery. The fraud is being maintained, and even perpetuated. To this day, they knowingly continue to publicly laud the science fraud. They are able to do this because they are secure in the knowledge that the Media - the public's only independent informant - will not expose the fraud at the core. They are also secure in the knowledge that Government would rather listen to them than to an Internet actor.

The specialized science Media, represented by science news-and-alaysis journals such as Nature, Physics Today and Science - journals that sanctimoniously assail bad or wrong or fraud science with lofty rhetoric - are completely silent on this matter. Some of these journals earlier assailed science fraud in other countries (biochemists in South Korea, a geologist in India). But it seems that the US is off limits. Hard to believe? Believe it! You have been Lay-ed and Yoo-ed and Madoff-ed, and now the august scientists are doin' it to you.

Together, the US Intelligentsia and the US Media and the US Government are purposefully deceiving the whole World.

According to a NASA web site, the science fraud today continues to lead an international collaboration of scientists on the next generation space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope. One wonders how the international participants feel about being led by an American fraudster.

The bogus discoveries are today taught to children around the World as established fact, in the same basic fact category as 'The Earth is round.' Do you know where your children are?

All of this now is rolling over to the Obama Administration. Will they deal with it or will they look the other way or will they embrace it?

For detailed background, visit my web page listed at the bottom.

The following letter was sent by email on 29 December 2008:


Dr. John Holdren, Harvard University
Dr. Eric Lander, MIT
Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University
Dr. Harold Varmus, Memorial Sloan-Kettering

                              THE COUNCIL OF SCIENCE ADVISORS


John Holdren, Eric Lander, Jane Lubchenco, Harold Varmus

John Holdren, as a leading physicist, has long been aware of this matter
He has much explaining to do
"I didn't know!" will not do
"Not my job." will not do. Not anymore.
Holdren has been most vocal about the responsibility of physicists
Where the heck is his own responsibility?
If Holdren tries to stonewall, the Council should ask President Obama to remove him forthwith
The President-elect has been emphatic on the role of accountability in his administration

America today has lost the World's trust in many arenas.
Can these people restore the World's trust in the arena of American science by coming clean on the gigantic American science fraud?
It will not do to make this problem go away through quiet and tactful surreptitious activities, as if it were some type of a peccadillo
Nothing less than full public acknowledgement and an apology in behalf of the nation will do
Note, for example, that recently South Korea apologized to the World for science fraud
By all logic, reason and analysis, their failure to act decisively and transparently on this high-tech hoodwinking of the Nobel organization may (and should) adversely affect future prospects for American science Nobel Prizes
If that happens, no one will ever know!
A member of the Nobel organization has said publicly that American literature is not very good
Why would not they likewise think American science is an elaborate sham?
They now have good reason to think that
And they have been burned with the 2006 prize!
Furthermore, the American scientist in question has cheapened the Nobel Prize by peddling Nobel paraphernalia hand-signed by him on the Internet
He also created a 'hyphenated' prize linking his name to the Nobel name
Can coffee mugs and baseball caps be far away?
If all that is not enough, seven American Physics Nobel Prizes are now called into question
All this national baggage cannot not affect the chances of a future Peace Prize for an American leader
And on a different note, what if future targets of the OSTP challenge this Presidential authority on the basis of selective or cronyist application of the policies?
And of course, the physics establishment has lost its moral authority to go after anyone from here on
Unless they want to hear from that anyone's lawyer where they can ensconce their opinion
The Presidential Science Advisors have traditionally been little more than White House wall decoration
One or two have been political yesmen
The present Council is not going to fix the economy or end terrorism or reverse global warming, or do much of anything, really
So, rather than sit on their hands, here is something supremely important they can do for the nation:
Regain and restore the scientific trust of the World for America
Do your part to arrest the Decline and Fall phase of the Great American Civilization, now under way according to many experts
Don't be "on the wrong side of history"


Physics Nobelist Steven Chu, President-elect Obama's pick for Energy Secretary
He is boss of George Smoot, who Nobeled from the same NASA satellite experiment as was involved in the fraud.
Smoot never distanced himself from the fraud, meaning, he condoned the fraud
And Smoot's own discovery evaporated because the supporting complementary discovery was fraudulent
The two Nobelists in question worked for NASA's Michael Griffin and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Chu
If bureaucrat Michael Griffin tried to do right by science, scientist Chu correspondingly kept mum
He instead let Smoot's bogus science flourish


Those who feel "So what's the big deal? Why assail these noble luminaries over something trifle in the hour of their glory?", let me remind you that for much smaller transgressions, the glorious scientific establishment, aided by their backers in the Government and their promoters in the Media, has gone viciously after individuals and destroyed their lives and means of livelihood.

It there was such tremendous drumbeat and such bombastic language and such biblical rhetoric when this discovery was touted round the World, why should its demise be handled in such a hush-hush manner? Why not ask Holdren and Chu?

Do NOT let anyone try to make light of this matter! Intellectuals defrauding the World in science is a far far darker matter than clergy doing hanky-panky - a matter which created such a tremendous uproar in the nation not so long ago. But if this is not big deal for you, consider: Just in terms of sheer money - US taxpayers' money - an enormous amount of it has been wasted, then the waste has been cloaked as a great success, and now that it has been laid bare, it is being stonewalled for two years. And even as you read this, they are continuing to spend additional taxpayer's money in research in this bogus field of science.

Do you believe that people who are accountable are free not to answer an allegation simply because it was made on the Internet? If you do, then please note that that the allegation was made by direct referrals to the appropriate places in the US Government. There just isn't any "out" of any kind.

If you think that the quality of "looking the other way" on the part of the national leadership is a minor flaw, I remind you that the SEC also looked the other way. What did that minor flaw do? Take a look at your 401K or investment account statement.

Some government people looked the other way, and your life savings are going down...down...down... with no end in sight.

If the Science Advisors do not act now, America's Big Board stock in the World will go down...down...down... and will never recover.

It will trade as a a Pink Sheet stock.

Most of all, please note that the Media that promoted the 'discovery' and all the bombast associated with it round the World, remained completely silent about the fraud. If they had so much as started to investigate, the whole thing would have quickly unraveled. But they maintained deliberate silence. They spared no expense in terms of broadcast time and newsprint ink when touting this greatest achievement of man. But suddenly now, cat their tongue. They are the worst enemy of Democracy today. I have placed this fact in plain evidence for you to see. There is a word for what they are doing to the nation. As Bob Dylan asked: When you gonna wake up?

And finally:

"We will restore science to its rightful place."

is what President Barack Obama said at his inauguration.

The link to the NASA FRAUD WEB SITE is:


Also, read my continuing comments in my blog site:


Posted 29 December 2008

UPDATE 5 April 2009:

Please read my letter to President Obama on 24 August 2010:


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