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Nuclear weapons and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles represent two developments each of which revolutionized the character of warfare. Each made extensive warfare less likely. Each also reduced the disparity in military power among nations. Thus there has been a progression, largely due to technology, towards a beneficial equalization. What would continue this progression is another revolution that greatly increases the technological ability of nations to wage warfare “remotely”. Is that possible?

The reader is advised up front that the following scientific ideas have been solidly rejected by the US military and by the international physics community. You may therefore choose not to spend any more time on this site.


Modern warfare depends on nothing today as much as it depends on Electromagnetic (EM) Waves. This aspect has become inseparable from the technology of weaponry. The EM Wave technology today is being continuously improved for better accuracy etc.

The EM waves were discovered as a solution of Maxwell’s Equations more than a hundred years ago. As a scientific subject, it is considered very old and very closed. So when one thinks of advancement in defense technology, one never thinks of doing anything with the science of EM Waves.

Therefore it stands to reason that, if something new emerges with respect to that science, one area it might impact is defense technology.


Extensive new considerations in Electromagnetic Science have been proposed since 1992, and documented. These considerations (strictly theoretical at this time) can be divided into two broad (and not necessarily unrelated) areas:


These are free space waves that are not EM Waves as we know them. In EM Waves, the electric and the magnetic fields are constrained to bear a very specific relationship to one another. In Companion Waves, there is no such constraint. The speed of EM Waves in free space is fixed. This may not be the case with Companion Waves. These may be conjectured to have the following properties:

(1). They travel at various speeds.

(2). The energy may be contained largely in the magnetic field (in EM Waves, the energy is divided equally between electric and magnetic fields).

(3). They may be used for secure communication.

(4). They may be difficult to detect with electric-field sensing antennas.

(5). They may propagate greater distances in sea water than EM Waves (smaller electric field means less attenuation).

To study this subject, start here.


The basic entity envisioned here is an invisible, finite-sized structure made of static magnetic field. There are no sources in it. This structure has a certain mass. Therefore, it may be conjectured to have the following properties:

(1). It can be hurled like a material particle, and as a stream of particles.

(2). The velocity can be selected.

(3). The stream can carry information and energy.

(4). If such a continuous stream is established between two points, it can also carry information backwards (“upstream”).

(5). Conventional detection devices set up for EM waves may not see this stream.

(6). Such a stream can propagate in sea water with less attenuation than EM waves.

(7). A group of vessels/objects can be in secure contact through such streams without emitting any information into the surrounding space.

(8). The structures can be lined up end-to-end to form an invisible “cable”. Any disturbance at any point of this cable will propagate along the cable.

(9). If a two-dimensional invisible “screen” of such cables is maintained between a location to be protected and a hostile location, any metallic objects penetrating this screen will be detected.

(10). Combining the benefits of EM waves and the above benefits may lead to synergistic concepts.

To study this subject, start here.


If the new phenomena described exist, then the above conjectures are likely to be correct. In that case the complexion of warfare may radically change, with the effectiveness of weaponry becoming dependent on this new “technology”.

The idea of Companion Waves was published in physics journals. It has been studied by the US military, and dismissed as incorrect.

The idea of the source-free magnetic structures has been solidly rejected by the physics establishment. It was published in a “fringe” journal. Since that publication, it has not received any mention anywhere in the scientific literature.

So why bring these up at all? Well, actually, I am not “bringing up” anything. These essays are a way for me to record my thoughts. People can read them or not, at will. I am no longer selling anything.

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