Somewhere around l989 - early 1990s, US Government scientist John Cromwell Mather perpetrated the greatest science fraud in history. His satellite experiment (involving the NASA COBE Satellite) failed miserably upon launch, but he emerged with a flawless, picture-perfect discovery. Accolades followed apace, culminating in 2006 when this discovery was anointed with the Nobel Prize for Physics. The World put him on the shoulder and has been dancing nonstop ever since.

John Mather had in fact clinched the Big Bang Cosmology good and proper. He did nothing less than extend the Book of Genesis to its Original Beginning. He in fact became an author of the extended Bible.

Shortly after the award of the Nobel Prize, I chose to take a look at this grand discovery, and quickly recognized it for what it was: A gigantic science fraud the size of the universe itself.

Starting 5 April 2007 and continuing to this day, I waged a campaign for all concerned to publicly acknowledge the fraud. I escalated my effort over the years, referring it to successive organizations and levels having responsibility/oversight for this - without any success.

Let me give you just one little example of what is going on from the recent past. US Congressmam Bill Foster (D-IL) gave his friend the science fraud a little helping hand: He stood for a photo-op with John Mather right in the hallowed halls of the Congress of these United States.

But hold on! There's a little more. Foster is a physicist, and is in the Congress with the professed objective of serving the cause of science!

A great many powerful people in the Academia and the Government and the Legislature are covering John Mather's six with full forethought and deliberation. They are saying: Science be damned! Truth be damned! Let's save our boy Johnny.

So they are continuously feting him very publicly to high heaven, and posing very publicly with him in photo-ops. They are letting Mather inspire the children - as if in a ritualistic sacrifice to their protector gods. They are saying: The children be damned! Let's save our boy Johnny.

The history of referrals of NASA John Mather Science Fraud

The culmination of all these efforts was the following letter to President Obama on 24 August 2010. With this step, I have done everything humanly possible for an individual - all alone - to right a very great deception perpetrated upon the World: Falsification of the Universe.

While I can see through the cleverest science fraud in history by the highest intellectuals of history, I cannot understand that part of human nature that wants to not acknowledge this fraud.


A letter to President Obama on NASA John Mather science fraud
This referral to the President is triply appropriate: The President stands at the top of the official hieracrhy of responsible parties; he is the immediate boss of the NASA Administrator, and as such has direct responsibility for NASA; the matter involves America deceiving the World by abusing the trust the World has reposed in her science and her technology



President Barack Obama
The White House, Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

I will get right to my point: The greatest science fraud in history committed by a US Government Scientist who garnered a Nobel Prize for this in 2006. His employers, NASA, are aware of this allegation – first exposed by me on 5 April 2007. The World learns about this continuously through my Internet campaign: a Let-the-people-know platform to supplant a media that remains silent on this subject.

The fraud has been documented by NASA themselves: Their satellite experiment failed miserably in the sky; on Earth "the greatest discovery of all time" was proclaimed.

This matter was referred unsuccessfully to: Office of Science and Technology Policy; The President's Council of Science Advisors; Congressional Oversight Committees; and of course, NASA (Referral 1, Referral 2) and the Nobel Foundation.

The fraud is being erased as I write. This summer NASA had a replica of this Nobel Medal flown in the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Also this summer a symbolic photo of the NASA Deputy Administrator and a senior Astronaut flanking this scientist was released. Other similar events suggest that formidable power groups and interests – enabled by a media that is choosing to look the other way - are arrayed to shield this scientist from accountability.

America has shown great moral outrage in cases of past science fraud. Now the World awaits a clear admission and an unqualified apology from America, and science awaits being made wholesome again.

Respectfully yours,

Bibhas De

Posted 5 October 2010

President Obama - right up there with the great US Presidents!



Carl Wieman seems to have had some official contacts with John Mather in behalf of President Obama during the time period at issue.

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