The 58th Annual Lindau Nobel Meeting

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Her Excellency Countess Sonja Bernadotte

Under her emblematic auspices, young people from around the world will be brought to an island paradise on 28 June 2008. The idea is to fire their imagination, and thus lift up the whole World! A very noble mission indeed.

This is where it all happens!

Among others, the young'uns will hear this year from the 2006 Physics Nobelist Herr Professor Dr. George Fitzgerald Smoot. Then they will go forth in the world and emulate the grand Smoot-and-Mather discovery duo.

Unbeknownst to the World, this meeting is also being used as a surreptitious venue for an excommunication. The purpose of this excommunication of a single individual is to save the sorry butts of the entire scientific community involved.

What it all amounts to is this: Some butts need to be saved at any cost. To save them butts, fraudulent science must be ladled out as genius science to the young talent.

Here is the program. See who all are involved in it.

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Nobelist George F. Smoot - inspirer to the World's young
And no, that's not the wooden nickel
The wooden nickel is in his pocket. He will give it to you in Lake Constance
Are you gonna take it from this man?

George Smoot made a secondary "discovery" that complements the discovery of the Blackbody Spectrum by John C. Mather of NASA, and thus rises to the level of a grand cosmological discovery. This is the basis of Smoot's Nobel Prize, and his preeminence. Since the primary discovery is fraudulent, Smoot's observation is something of unclear significance, at best. There is no discovery here at this time, not by a long shot. Sending a satellite up and doing stuff with it do not constitute a discovery. Moreover, Smoot has not said anything to disassociate himself from the fraud. That means that he has condoned the fraud. His discovery and Mather's discovery are not scientifically separable. Any more than you can say Watson discovered this half of DNA and Crick discovered the other half.

The John Mather fraud vacates George Smoot's discovery

Also, and very importantly, keep this in mind: Whatever caused John Mather's experiment to crap out in space may have affected George Smoot's measurements. Read more about this...

Now, here is the abstract of the talk Smoot will present:

The Beginning and Development of the Universe

By careful investigation of relic left on the cosmic scene we have very good evidence and constraints on what has occurred since the beginning of the Universe. This talk reviews the evidence including images and information from the very first light about the early universe and its subsequent development. Since that epoch we have seen the formation of stars and galaxies as well as eventually solar systems. All of this hangs together in a simple model with some exciting new features.

Young people of the World, pause and think! George Smoot is giving you a Bill of Goods, and passing it off as exciting science.

"Careful investigation": What he is referring to is associated with gigantic science fraud.
"relic left on the cosmic scene": This is a myth.
"very good evidence and constraints": High quality oxdung.
"beginning of the universe": This is a myth.
"first light": This is a myth.
"exciting new features": I don't know what these are, but sounds to me like he is trying to sell a new walking-and-talking refrigerator that senses your mood. Cosmological theories may try to explain new things or explain things differently, but they do not have "exciting new features".

[Before you listen to the huckster academics telling you that Smoot's discovery stands alone as an independent proof of the Big Bang Cosmology, stop a moment and use that very special old trick of the old dogs called common sense: The fact that there has been observed some amount of radiation at some frequency or other in the universe, or that something has been established about its isotropy or anisotropy, does not in any way speak to the Big Bang Cosmology. If the blighters hoodwinked you once, shame on them. If they hoodwink you again, shame on you!]

If you listen to Smoot's rubbish with wondrous awe, you are in fact well on your way to becoming very fine oxdung artistes yourselves. Very illustrious citizens of the brave new Age of Fakery. Good luck!

Fully a year after my site (exposing the fraud) was put up, The Lindau Nobel Meetings are presenting Smoot to the World's young as supreme inspiration. This is a clear and emphatic statement that the organizers condone and applaud everything associated with the co-discoverer John Mather's science fraud. But this is only a façade.

The actual agenda is far more sinister. Ladling garbage to the World's young is here a cover for something far more insidious. While not denouncing Mather on the surface, they are erasing him from underneath the surface. This is the only way they can save their own butts.

Two out of four ain't bad!

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Of the four Nobel Laureates in Lindau this year shown in the picture, I have said that David Gross (second from left) has made a discovery that is questionable at best, and George Smoot (third from left) has made a discovery that is inextricably connected to science fraud.
Prost and Skål, y'all!

from the Big Bang Vocabulary?

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A detailed report of Smoot's talk has now been published. It is however, in German. I do not know how accurately this report reflects what Smoot actually said. But assuming it is accurate, there is here a stunning omission: It never once mentions the Cosmic Blackbody Radiation (the German word would be Schwarzkörper-Strahlung)! Instead, the talk makes do with Cosmic Background Radiation (Hintergrundstrahlung)! And notice this sentence:

"Diese Hintergrundstrahlung wurde sehr erfolgreich zuerst vom COBE-Satelliten beobachtet; danach noch genauer von WMAP."

It means:

The Background Radiation was first observed most successfully by the COBE satellite; and later more precisely by WMAP.

This is a tortured sentence which is IMO a result of attempting to avoid saying Blackbody Radiation. The Background Radiation was first observed by Penzias and Wilson with an AT&T ground-based antenna. The COBE satellite's main contribution was high-precision measurement of its Blackbody form. That is what everything hinges on. And WMAP could not have measured this Blackbody form more precisely, for the COBE measurements reportedly pushed the limit of accuracy (the error bars were smaller than the thinckness of the line through them!)

So the question is: Why this tortured avoidance of the most central and the most essential discovery behind this talk? (No blackbody, no Big Bang Cosmology!) Most curious. Can you imagine an international scientific conference on the structure of DNA where people painstakingly avoid using the expression "Double Helix"? Capice?!

What may be happening is this: The insiders have advance information that the Cosmic Blackbody is going kaput. So they are making a preemptive move to delink Big Bang Cosmology from the Cosmic Blackbody. This way, they think their enterprise will be saved.

Smoot is just a puppet. Who is the Puppet-master behind this diabolical plan? That I am not going to tell you. There is a limit to what even I will give out for free.

from the Discoverers' Gallery?

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin recently presided over the unceremonious removal of the great American hero John C. Mather from the highly decorative and visible NASA HQ office he was given after the Nobel Prize. Mather was sent back to his pre-Nobel job, and has not been heard from since. No more front office visibility for Nobelist Mather. No explanation has been given for this indecorous treatment of the great national hero. No more news items on Mather. His admiring circle of science journalists are also quiet. His tremendously active, celebrity-style lecture circuit seems to have come to an abrupt halt. No academic "Chair" has materialized for Mather to rescue him from this inglorious public spectacle. "The greatest discoverer of all times" has become a nonentity. It seems to me the strategy is to "quarantine" him, and hope the problem will go away. It will not.

It is beyond me why, given all this, some damn fools continue to promote the 2006 Physics Nobel discovery, and thus tarnish a wider and wider circle of people who had nothing to do with the fraud. The King of Sweden has already been photographed shaking hands with John Mather. Now it is the Countess's turn to be photographed shaking hands with George Smoot. Then we will have a collectible pair of photographs. It will fetch good money on eBay auction.

symbolizing the lowest point in the history of science

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H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (right) awarding NASA Scientist John Mather the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics for a discovery which I have alleged to be fraudulent

from the Party Guest List?

And here's a little curious item. Normally it would not mean anything, but in the light of the above, it is curious. A major focus in this year's gathering is the discovery of John Mather (who reportedly ushered in the age of high precision cosmological measurements.): John Mather, the greatest discoverer of the past century, if not of all times; John Mather, the mind behind the next generation space telescope; John Mather, the TIME100 Laureate; …. etc et alis. That's more than can be said about any Nobelist attending this year! The Lindau meetings go from 29 June to 4 July in Germany. Mather finishes up some business on 28 June in France, and 30th June in Greece. He is right in their neck of the woods. But he is not invited to the grand party! I mean, what is involved in adding an extra place setting at the table (or two)? If they needed some extra cutlery, even I could have sent them some. I buy only the best quality from the exclusive 99¢ store – forks and spoons befitting their Royal Banquet. And they even had an empty speaker's slot!

It seems that a last-minute lecture by Mather on July 2 (announced July 1) in Greece was organized. I guess he showed them!

But wait a minute! It gets curiouser and curiouser. Here is a shindig in France in mid-July 2008 where Mather is the first logical person who should have been invited. But he is emphatically excluded.

from the Limelight?

And the more Mather is sidelined, the more George Smoot is expanding to fill the (limelight) space. His name is popping up everywhere with increasing frequency. And he has started to talk big, I mean really BIG: Extra space dimensions, Quantum Fluctuations seeding the Early Universe, and the like.

John Mather had invented a trademark sound bite to along with his celebrity status: "From Big Bang to Nobel Prize." Now that Smoot has horned in, he has gone one up, calling himself "CSI: The Cosmic Scene Investogator."

Announcing the Mather-Nobel Scholars!

John Mather would not be ignored! He has a Nobel and by Jove he will let you know that. He has found a way to attach the word "Nobel" to his name in other ways! He has found something called The Henry Foundation and given them money to give out to a few kids, $3000 a pop, and anoint them:

The John Mather Nobel Scholar

These kids are summer interns at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, so the announcement also involves the NASA name, giving it exposure. However, if you look closer, GSFC seems to have no say in this, and nothing to do with this.

Mather works for NASA-GSFC. He has his own Mather Foundation (from his Nobel Prize money). The Mather Foundation slips money to The Henry Foundation. The Henry Foundation awards Mather Nobel Scholarships to interns at GSFC. These interns are from various universities which are then named. This has the appearance of an independent third party promoting the Mather Nobel deal, and the GSFC name and the names of the universities give this award prestige. The whole time Mather is behind this!

First the Lindau Nobel, and now the Mather Nobel! Who's watching the kids?

But the Mather Nobel Scholars are not the only way in which Mather is leveraging his Nobel Prize! Check out the merchandizing of the John Mather-autographed Nobel paraphernalia. Here's one item: For a mere $35 a pop, you can buy a 4x6 glossy picture of Alfred Nobel hand signed John Mather (No, no typo here. It is the picture of Alfred Nobel autographed by John Mather!). Mather seems to peddle his Nobel Product Line real well!

The Three Bwanas

And (unrelated to Lindau Nobel) here's something that was said about recent ceremonies in South Africa to foster science in Africa:

"It's so important to allow brilliant people in Africa to thrive."

Well, OK. But what actually happened? The following three wise men of the West were sent to preside over the ceremonies: Bwana Stephen Hawking who touted the fraudulent discovery to high heaven, and never apologized or retracted. He let his big lie to the World stand; Bwana George Smoot who made a discovery that was not. And he condoned science fraud of his co-discoverer; Bwana Michael Griffin who has not fessed up as to what NASA did. He let a big scientific lie from his organization stand.

These three Emissaries of Light went to South Africa amid great fanfare by the Media, to bring the light of knowledge to Africa, and to "allow" Africa's young to "thrive."


Africa is no longer your 'Dark Continent'. Don't try to barter your oxdung "inspiration" in excahange for the soul of their young! Stop corrupting the whole world!

The world no more needs to learn how to do science from this trio than it needs to learn how to create wealth from Michael Milken, Kenneth Lay and Christophe Rocancourt.

Here's what to do...

If any persons wish to take issue with this site, the right thing to do is to ask NASA about the alleged science fraud. Any member of the public can ask NASA about anything NASA is doing. And NASA is fully apprised of the allegation. After you receive a signed statement/email from them that there is no science fraud here, forward to me a copy of their official response and I will pull this site. If you receive an evasive response or no response at all….


You will do well to understand that NOBODY, but NOBODY, with a scientific reputation today will give you a written statement on public record that Mather's discovery is legit. This includes the Swedish Nobel Committee that awarded Mather the Prize in the first place. They will not respond to such a request. If they are pressed from influential quarters, they may give all kinds of reasons why they cannot write such a statement, but they will not write it. They know that to write it is to go down in history as a science fraudster, to cover up and exacerbate a gigantic fraud. No competent scientist today can defend Mather. Anybody that does is an Oxdung Artiste. So they have assumed this posture of dignified silence. It saves their sorry butts. But increasingly, it tarnishes more and more and more innocent people. But this too is a part of the calculated strategy. The more people you tar, the less conspicuous you yourself become. The more people are drawn in, the more vested the interest in the cover up.

Don't continue this dishonest charade!

Today, you are thinking: What can a lone Internet weirdo do to us? How many people can he inform, after all? The guy will tire and go away. We're snug as a bug. You all feel safe under the protection of the World Media. Despite any number of public signs that things are terribly amiss, they have remained totally silent about the fraud. If the Media asked NASA a question, NASA would have had to respond. Whether they did or did not respond, the result would be significant and reportable. There is no sign that this happened. Where is that tremendous investigative journalism zeal that causes the Media to run with their proctoscopes everytime a Hollywood celebrity falters? If Paris Hilton is not seen for three days, the Media will go bonkers. But when a great American hero whom they themselves pushed up to the pinnacle of glory is turned into a nonentity, nobody in the Media says peep. This is how dishonest and dishonorable they are. They are covering up for a thoroughly corrupt Intelligentsia. That means YOU! But when the stuff hits the fan -- and it will -- the Media will run like chickens with their heads cut off. They will be falling over each other to say Mea Culpa. They will be the first to come after you. They will say they are blameless because you misled them. That is how they will save their own sorry butts. (Remember how they were blameless because they were misled in that recent scourge of history still unfolding?)

NASA is thinking they will bury this thing under the glare of their current, genuine successes. May be it will work. May be the public does not have the stomach or the desire to be dragged into the gutter of what went down many years ago. As long as Mather is kept of out of view, everyone is happy. The august butts are saved. Once again they can rise. Once again they can get on PBS and tawk purdee to the adulating public. What you are you taking under, the more you continue this, is the human civilization.

May be a NASA insider will "find God" and come clean. May be FOX News will give him a slot. Then may be he will write a bestseller, just to "set the record straight" (never mind the money!) May be one of your young son or daughter will ask you: "Daddy, what is honesty?", and YOU will find God. May be some future European satellite will confirm that there is no blackbody. Any number of things can cook the goose for you. And when it happens, remember that you no longer have any excuses left for the way you have acted.

And while you are making a dishonest living at it, don't forget the Pearly Gate. Or have you already been to the confessional?

The new scourge of the Corrupt Intelligentsia

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Elsewhere I have spoken of the historic downturn of our civilization that is being led by the physicists, accompanied by their running dogs, the Media and their enablers, the Governments. If you wanted a single, effective, ornate symbol of this downturn, the Lindau Meetings would do admirably. A hundred years from now, historians of "The Decline and Fall of the Age of Technology" will cite this. As if speaking of some ancient ritual in the Roman Civilization before its fall, these historians will say darkly: They used to gather the young talent of the world in an island paradise, and ...

Finally, science fraud -- whether practiced under august academic mantle or mighty government aegis or noble royal scepter or all of the above -- is still science fraud. It is sure to come out in the wash. Twenty-five Nobel Laureates talking pretty to 550 of the World's young talent in their finery among the ornate flower gardens of Mainau Castle cannot drown out that muffled scream from a hushed-up science fraud. Enjoy the fancy banquet with royalty you young'uns! Keep your elbows off the table! And be sure to handle them cutlery properly! The salad fork is the one with...

Posted 06/19/08

The Mainau Castle should note that directly after this site was posted, an advance notification was sent to six leaders of Lindau Nobel through a link in their web site. No objections to the site were received.

A second notification was sent on 24 June 2008, this time requesting an electronic receipt:

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