The Physics Gallery of Forbidden Perspectives
Die Physik-Galerie der Verbotenen Perspektiven
La Galerie de Physique des Perspectives Interdites
La Galera de la Fsica de Perspectivas Prohibidas
De Galerij van de Fysica van Verboden Perspectieven
La Galleria di Fisica delle Prospettive Proibite

[Source:www.multicians.org; Tom Van Vleck 2005]

Who stole the Mind of God?
Who has seen the Face of God?
Who made freedom asymptotic?
Who can bring Fire from Heaven?
The answers to these, and much more

An all-star cast, featuring:

Gods and Demons
Nobles and Nobels
A mystery visitor
and the distinguished Guest Commentator:

The Latin-speaking Meerkat

(Adult language, Irreverence, Sacrilege, Heresy)

Essays on:
Physics in the Twenty-first Century

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Bibhas De

Copyright 2006, 2007 by Bibhas R. De
Quantum foam makes me roam is a quotation from Michael Crichtons TIMELINE

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As I write this in February 2006, the worldwide celebration of The World Year of Physics (2005) has come to a close. It was a veritable Rose Parade! The message I take from what I have read of the celebration is this:

The past was glorious.
The present is scintillating.
The future will be fantastic.

Now get a different perspective:

The past was glorious but the glory was exploited by Quantum Theorists.
The present is without great promise in all areas of physics.
The future can be fantastic but not without a revolution in thinking.

Quantum Theorists will have no role in such a future.
Quantum foam makes them roam. But it is almost over.

Meet your Tour Guide:

Diogenes of Bombagor who was introduced elsewhere - is a shabby indigent person who hangs out around the marketplace of Bombagors capital city, always wearing a lit miners headlamp always. When he is not in the marketplace, he is in the public library reading or surfing the Net. At night, he sleeps in an abandoned jacuzzi by the river. Because the King of Bombagor holds him in high esteem, the people of Bombagor are kind to him. He is often invited to give discourses on various subjects.


:  Errare humanun est - sed perseverare diabolicum)

[Source: http://www.52en.com/img/Princess_pea.jpg]

Welcome, Visitors!
Let us tarry a while, and orient ourselves
Let us recall the story of The Princess and the Pea
The Princess is todays great celebrity physicist
What you do not know about him is that he cant sleep nights
He knows all his fame and fortune and public adulation are based on a lie
He knows he is teaching rubbish to bright young kids
He knows that somewhere underneath his great superstructure is a little pea, or lotsa little peas
And it bothers him greatly; it bothers him so
But he hides it well
And he builds more and more superstructures
That is to say, he piles up more and more mattresses
When he stands in the arclight, no one can tell that he doesnt sleep nights
Modern physics was developed upon sweeping a great deal of stuff under the rug
There, to give you just one example, is a dead mouse called "action-at-a-distance"
Another example? The obfuscated photon - the dead lizard
Even the elementary concepts of electricity and magnetism are today at issue the dead cats
So much accumulated under the rug that it began to show
So they put a heavy box spring on the rug
Then they put a mattress on top
Then another, and another, and another.
But the ghosts of the dead animals are pushing up
And the stack of mattresses has already reached the ceiling
And our great physicist is feeling the squeeze
Every establishment physicist knows all this
But nobody speaks of this
It is forbidden


Santo perfetto!
:  Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt)

MIT Superphysicist Frank Wilczek
The Establishments Essayist and Philosopher, says he discovered asymptotic freedom, and pontificates profusely on matterless mass
In reality, he does not seem to have any interest in matterless mass unless it is 'matterless' on his own terms
Newton attained a deep sense of motion and was compelled to ask:
What is this something that seems to reside in the empty space between the apple and the ground?
Maxwell attained a deep sense of electrical phenomena and was compelled to ask:
What is this something that seems to reside in the empty space between capacitor plates?
Einstein attained a deep sense of space and was compelled to ask:
What is this gravitation that seems to reside in empty space around the Sun?
Anyone who has attained a deep sense of mass would be compelled to ask:
What is this distended magnetic field that seems to reside in empty space around Jupiter?
Wilczek lacks such meditative depth and quality of ideation
With his philosophizing, he is engaging in "intellectual impostures" a phenomenon his colleagues have described
And his following is lapping it all up in great admiration, probably telling themselves:
Well sheesh howdy! When us doggone fylosophers thinks, we thinks real purdy!
Actually, here is where Wilczek is at his philosophical best:
"I'm writing a mystery novel ... I'm hanging a lot of sex and music and philosophy on it."
Wilczek received the 2004 Nobel Prize for a discovery that is questionable at best
This is not an opinion but a matter in plain scientific evidence
Any physicist worth anything at all can see this
Yet no one in the physics community said peep
Here is a good example of what Noam Chomsky calls moral cowardice:
Moral cowardice and intellectual corruption are the natural concomitants of unchallenged privilege
Everyone applauded the award
A Nobel Prize for an investigation also slams the door shut on further investigation
It is like telling all other researchers: This matter is closed
When a society's highest standard is corrupted, the whole society is corrupted
Such wholesale intellectual corruption is unknown in the history of science
Truly good physicists, and time, will reveal that this Nobel Prize was mistaken
And physics historians will conclude that for a time, the Americans had 'colonized' the Physics Nobel Committee
For further observations on this subject, please visit the Gift Shop and look up the book:
The Priory of the Dungeon .

Santo subito!
:  Quidquid Mathematica dictum sit, altum videtur)

Source: ias.edu

Princeton Superphysicist Edward Witten
Take a good look!
(I mean, of course, Behold!)
"...the greatest theoretical physicist in the world.." - TIME Magazine
The String Theory Guru is reportedly Successor to Einstein
Sir Isaac Newton also has had the posthumous honor of being named a predecessor
The Guru reportedly possesses the Mind of God, and has been identified by TIME Magazine as the hope for the Worlds future (So do not despair!)
Isn't that pretty much the definition of the Second Coming?
Glory Be!
It has also been hinted that he is a Time Traveler from future
(Tududu tudu-du...)
I've heard that the Intelligent Designer may be a Time Traveler from future, and I've heard Intelligent Design compared to String Theory
Now, you do the math: 2 + 2 = ?
Internet message boards/blog sites are working overtime to sing Witten's praise
Lately, he is being likened to the most famous resident of the Holy See, and not entirely in jest either
(Who is left to compare him to? The Buddha, Yaweh...?)
The plain truth, if something so crass matters, is that he has made no notable or testable contribution to physics to date
And even String Theory is not his original idea
Nor are "extra space dimensions" his original idea
There is no difference between the batches of universes that emanate from Witten's brain, and from Brahma's navel - neither is doing physics
One does it with mathematics, the Other does it with meditation
Physics would have been better served if Witten had stayed in History
What would have happened to History is another matter
Marvel at one thing though: Imagemaking at its best!
Saatchi and Saatchi could learn a thing or two!
And to cap off the promo blitz, word is being strategically put out that he is publicity-averse!
(A finishing brushstroke of the rouge of bashfulness goes a long way in modern imagemaking)
Based on my observation of noteworthy scientists, if you wanted to avoid limelight, you could do so easily
(Ever heard of paparazzi chasing a reluctant academic?)
So phenomenally successful is this multi-pronged ad campaign that, even though he has not done anything for physics, the Bookmakers had him pegged for 2005 Physics Nobel Prize
Suppose you betted your farm on him...
By the way, did you know that Witten's mysterious M-Theory was used in solving a crime in CBS-TV series "Criminal Minds"?
The grotesque promotion of Witten as a great physicist is symptomatic of the same wholesale intellectual corruption of the physics community that I noted in case of Wilczek above
Witten is composing, in the melody of mathematics, the Great Universal Epic Poem called:
And what a supercalifragilisticexpicalidocious Epic it is!
Even our Guest Commentator was moved to remark:
:  Tum podem extulit horridulum Eduardus!)
For further observations on this Twenty-First Century Physics Weirdorama, please visit the Gift Shop and look up the book:
The Ultimate Hocus-pocus Man

Edward Witten did get the Swedish Prize in 2008!
No, not the Nobel. He got the Crafoord Prize.
He got this for his mathematical genius – which is well-deserved.
No one can question that.
The Universe has never faced such a calculating person in her entire 13.7 billion years life.
But there is a small implied message in the award of the Crafoord Prize.
It says: "No soup for you!"
(For soup, read Physics Nobel Prize.)

Santo prossimo!
:  Pecvniate obedivnt omnia)

Cambridge Universitys Superfamous physicist Stephen Hawking
A brilliant example of indomitable human spirit
He deserves all the limelight and all the adulation in the World
If you take him as a serious physicist though, you expect from him certain standards
Standards whose observance is not dependent on physical impairment
In July 2004 he revised his 30-year view of black holes
He unveiled his theory first on the BBC News "Newsnight", at his request
Upon reporting this, the Newscaster (US Edition) said with a faint grin:
"We were asked to report this"
Several days later, Hawking unveiled this at a scientific meeting in Ireland
Predictably, everything was ready there for a Footlight Celebrity Hit Parade
And to humanize for us simple folks these doings of the Exalted, there was also a little betting action going on there
(The physics establishment sanctimoniously attacks crackpots for running to the media before presenting in a scientific forum)
When once I wrote to him, he treated me as a fan writing to a celebrity
Contrary to the extreme media hype, Hawking has not contributed anything to the furtherance of physics
Those who say otherwise are hucksters
Physics and philosophy would have been better served if Hawking had chosen to be a mathematical philosopher
[PS - Don't miss his November 2005 North American revue gig
Coming to West Coast Performing Arts theaters
He will recount the Origin of the Universe
Tickets: $125.00 | $85.00 | $75.00 | $65.00 | $35.00
There's gold in them thar physics hills!
See how the Revue is enhancing the cause of physics]
In June 2006 he was given a rock stars ovation by a (paid) SRO crowd in Hong Kong
His earthshaking topic: The planet Earth will no longer be livable
His message: Colonize space PDQ, or settle your affairs ASAP
What is his expertise behind making this doomsday prediction?
Beats me
What will be his next headline-grabbing shock-jock topic?
Your guess is as good as mine
One thing is certain: He is cashing in his physics fame
Stephen Hawking is raking it in
Brisk Commerce is taking place underneath Grandiose Physics
He writes about a page of foreword to a big, fat, heavy, shoddily produced book on mathematicians, entirely using recycled text
But his name is featured prominently!
Even small public libraries are buying it up
Stephen Hawking is raking it in
He is using NASA's worldwide broadcast platform to promote his daughgter's book
Stephen Hawking is raking it in
He is a very clever merchandizer
He peddles his wares at public expense, then sells them to the selfsame public
If you are in the business, watch and learn!
There's gold in them thar physics hills!
For further observations on the Quest for Glitter and Gold (= Physics's real "Holy Grail"), read:
The Series Introduction

I have absolutely nothing against Hawking amassing adulation, fame and fortune
This does not concern or interest me at any level
As long as this is not based on passing him off as a physics genius
That to me is an outright and outrageous false advertisement
Hes being falsely promoted as a physics genius because calling him a math genius (which he may well be) will not make bestsellers and sell SRO revue gigs
The guy who solved Fermats problem went right back into obscurity
Hawkings handlers know better
There's gold in them thar physics hills!
This is only one example how the physics establishment is corrupting the world
But of course, in this opinion, I am alone

Stephen Hawking has used his reputation to bombastically promote the bogus COBE Satellite discovery (see below)
Clearly, he understood nothing about what he was promoting
To this day he has not apologized to the world for this falsification of physics and cosmology
Until this happens, the world should be wary of him

Novus sanctus/Fraus sanctus: The Class of 2006
:  Taurus excreta cerebrum vincit)

The 2006 Physics Nobel Laureates George Smoot and John Mather
They put up a satellite (called COBE) which made some measurements
With these they made a false-color mosaic - kind of like a Mandala
In it they saw the Face of God
(At this point you are supposed to cross yourself)

They launched a piece of precision-designed pipe in space to sample radiation
Once in space, the pipe did not act the way it was supposed to
Its performance was skewed badly in ways they neither anticipated nor understood nor could rectify
No matter
They used the pipe to make precision measurement anyway
And from this measurement they produce a textbook-perfect radiation spectrum
It turned out the busted pipe was a blessing in disguise!
It produced a mind-boggling accuracy of 0.005%
Over a decade of bandwidth!
Then heigh ho! the holly! This life is most jolly!

And that spectrum corresponded to a high precision temperature:
The cosmic blackbody temperature
They just did not say much about the pipe acting funny
And the good Nobel folks did not say anything about this little inconvenient truth
They emphatically declared: COBE was a success
What the public don't know won't hurt them

The said false-color Mandala + the said busted pipe proved beyond the shadow of doubt:
The Universe began with a Big Bang one fateful evening 15 billion years ago
(I use the round figure 15 - they have the exact DOB data on file)
Everyone applauded: Right on! Wunderbar! Mui milagrosa! Khorosho! Prodigieux! Wah Ustad, Wah!
Everyone overlooked the mind-numbing absurdity, and bought the whole nine yards
Lock, stock and barrel
You now have the King James version of the History of the Universe (Hardbound)
Do not dare question this

Next time you precision-design something and it doesn't work, try dropping it
May be it will then produce a consistent 50 ppm accuracy over a fantastic range, as with COBE

Did I ever tell you about Guru Om Baba the Eremite?
GOBE has an elaborate theory and a digital rectal thermometer
(If you like decorum, call it an Alimentary Canal Temperature Measuring Device)
He can measure your temperature and divine your entire life story
From the day (MM/DD/YYYY) you were born to the day (MM/DD/YYYY) you will die
GOBE was asked how he could construct a whole biography from only measuring a temperature
He embarked upon such rigmarole like you would not believe
The Third Eye, the Lotus Sutra, the Birth of the Ganges..
Everyone nodded: I see; Ah so; Aber naturlich; Mais certainement; Riktige; Konyechno; Claro; Thik pakra;
Everyone overlooked the basic absurdity, and bought the whole nine yards

Do you want to know what my view of the above is?
My view is that this is bunkum, horse hockey

There is a simple question here:
Can consensus - even expert consensus - alone close the book on the history of the universe?
I mean, Really?!

What are the chances the Romulan physicists have decided on the exact same history?
(It is, after all, the same universe)
If not, which history is correct?

To read about my specific public allegation of science fraud in the above discovery, please visit:

The authoritative story of Big Bang Cosmology fraud:
From a Belgian Roman Catholic priest via His Majesty the King of Sweden and His Holiness the Pope to a charismatic American President - it is going to be quite a yarn!

New web page June 2008:


How the elite are corrupting the civilization


Santificare decadere
:  Ora pro nobis peccatoribus...)


Physics fraudsters (and fallen heroes) Victor Ninov and Jan Hendrik Schon
Inherently dishonest individuals?
I dont think so.
Aggressive members of a celebrity status-seeking culture they saw developing around them?
I think so.
It is agreed that they were once brilliant researchers
So what went wrong?
They badly wanted to taste some of that Nectar of the Gods
(If arrangements have been made for spurious individuals to hog the limelight as great physicists, why couldn't we real toilers arrange a short-cut on the long and arduous road to fame?)
Their young minds were corrupted by what they saw
More a Greek tragedy than a fraud
Whos really to blame?
If your young'uns go wrong, you immediately examine their environment
Why not do this here?!
Because, swift machinations were engaged in to keep your eyes off of the circus around them
You saw two high-wire trapeze artists teeter and fall, but you were not allowed to see what distracted them
And when it comes to subverting the course of science, what pray is the distinction between fraudsters in experimental physics and hypesters in mathematical transphysics?
And when it comes to proving a theory, what pray is the difference between cooking data and overinterpreting data?
I mean, who makes the rules?!

I believe that a far grander science fraud - historically the first "space fraud" - is being covered up by the selfsame establishment today. Please visit the Gift Shop below and look up the essay:


When the Saints go driving: The Roadkill
:  Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris!)

Chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann

Many years ago, chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann tried to address the energy crisis
Their approach was desktop fusion
Their technique was Electrochemistry
That technique seems to have failed
Such failure is completely a normal part of the scientific pursuit
But for a time, they strutted like peacocks on the stage
The World heard:
Chemists produce desktop fusion
And that got the physics establishments goat
What! You are claiming the limelight reserved for us!
Only us physicists are entitled to bring Fire from Heaven
You violated this - You are dead meat!
The establishment tarred them, feathered them, mounted them backward on two donkeys, and fired a gun into the air
The establishment told the public that desktop fusion was a crank idea
It is impossible to generate sufficient collision energy needed for fusion within such small space, they said.
So the public equates Pons and Fleischmann with the laughable notion of desktop fusion
Two lives that wanted to do the World some good are ruined
They were pathfinders who were run over from behind
You cross the physics establishment, warns our Guest Commentator:
:  Caro putridas es!
End of the story?
For Pons and Fleischmann, Yes.
For the physics establishment, Nooo.
They let a decent interval go by.
Then the impossible becomes possible
In April 2005, the World wakes to hear:
Physicists produce desktop fusion
What a fantastic and ingenious achievement!
For good measure, they berate Pons and Fleischmann some more
Should desktop fusion become big, they are making damn sure that the historical credit will date back to physicists
The idea of electric field- and heat-driven compact, non-plasma fusion reactor came from Pons and Fleschmann
Physicists simply finessed that idea
If you have not caught on, think again
Success is one thing, originality is another
Much institutionalized dishonesty has been directed at Pons and Fleischmann
Was there ever a good reason to publicly ridicule Pons and Fleischmann?
What exactly is determining who is demonized and who is deified in the media?
For further observations on physics, physicists and the energy crisis, please visit the Gift Shop and look up:
When the Generals go AWOL

To see a bogus discovery that is being touted by the selfsame esablishment, please visit the Gift Shop below and look up the essay:




Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann
WHAT THEY DID: Got carried away with a fantastic discovery that turned out to be wrong
WHAT WAS DONE TO THEM: Their lives were destroyed
WHO DID THIS: The physics establishment
WHAT THE WORLD MEDIA DID: Intensely ridiculed the two

Victor Ninov and Jan Hendrik Schoen
WHAT THEY DID: Cooked data
WHAT WAS DONE TO THEM: Their lives were destroyed
WHO DID THIS: The physics establishment
WHAT THE WORLD MEDIA DID: Tore the two up like a hungry wolf-pack

NASA Chief Scientist John C. Mather
WHAT HE DID: Spinned a miserably failed satellite experiment as the most precision measurement in the history of physics
WHO DID THIS: The physics establishment
WHAT THE WORLD MEDIA DID: Danced with him on their shoulder
WHAT HIS EMPLOYER DID: Appointed him America's top space scientist


Bob Dylan asks:

When you gonna wake up ...?


:  Sic transit gloria mundi!)

"Quantum foam makes me roam ."

Look again at the ocean view of the cover page
From a great distance, the ocean looks flat
Come closer, and you see the waves
Come even closer, and you see the foam
That is the metaphor of "Quantum Foam":
The view of matter as you approach the smallest scales
The gross view of Classical Physics --,
The wave view of Quantum Theory--,
And now the foam view
Is this profundity or "bogosity"?

By 2005 Quantum Theory had been completed
By 2005 the fictional Time Machine had been scientifically described
By 2005 the Teleporter experimentations were on the way
The combined result of all this is fictionalized in Michael Crichtons Timeline
There, a person can be decomposed to a sea of quantum foam, teleported, and recomposed at a different time and place
But sometimes, his limbs can get connected the wrong way: A wrong person
Then he would wander about lost and dazed, muttering:
"Quantum foam makes me roam"
Then he would die
Quantum Theory is the most awesome intellectual feat man hath wrought
It started with dualism and uncertainty (or was it uncertain dualism?)
It has grown into highly ramified, highly entrenched construction
It has spawned heroes of mythic proportion
And great Greek tragedies for those who did not quite make it
Quantum Theory is about understanding what matter is ultimately made of
By 2005, the corrals of the Particle Zoo were all filled
An animal in every paddock, a chicken in every Quantum Physicists pot
And physicists are having a zip-a-dee-doo-dah life
It's the truth, it's "actch'll"
Everything is "satisfactch'll."
But we are no closer to answering
What is matter ultimately made of?
Quantum Theory is a train that has come to its destination, but there is no station
It has stopped dead in its tracks in the middle of nowhere
It is today a Deadend Science
Arrangements are being made to continue this on the back of String Theory itself a bogus science
So what was this 100-year journey about?
Suppose that the ultimate makeup of matter is understood from a completely different direction
Suppose that Quantum Theory cannot subsequently arrive there
So what was the 100-year journey about?
Suppose that the concept of photon, which has been deliberately kept obfuscated, is developed
Suppose it turns out that photon has a mass consigning Quantum Theory and its Particle Zoo to a closed chapter of history
So what was this 100-year journey about?
Suppose that the photon turned out to be a completely classical entity, dispelling the "quantum"
So what was this 100-year journey about?
The road is the destination is a fine philosophy for a wandering minstrel
But in science it means only one thing: Failure
Quantum Theory has developed by pushing certain favorite ideas
And then by dedicating the big atom-smashing machines to the service of these ideas
It is as though the experiments have been fixed around these ideas
Then a veritable "industry" was developed around these ideas
And thus it is that Quantum Theory became the biggest hero-making enterprise in the history of science
In my current thinking, Quantum Theory is largely a diversion and a distraction;
Diversion, because it choked off the development of Classical Physics
Distraction, because it unnecessarily "exoticized" physics
For the blossoming of Quantum Theory, it was imperative to declare Classical Physics closed, and no good for further development
(The way you convince your spouse with a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo that your current, perfectly running automobile is no good anymore, when you have eyes on a fancy new car with GPS, blue tooth, voice recognition etc)
Quantum Theory is a detour resulted from our having missed something simple in Classical Physics
Something simple that was missed because the development of Classical Physics was choked off early on by Quantum Theorists
The "successes" of Quantum Theory may be due to the fact that it is partly an ersatz way of looking at the unknown classical physics
The Quantum Theorists: Quantum foam makes them roam
For further observations on this subject, please visit the Gift Shop and look up the book:
The Cat and the Eel



The Iter is the way
:  Machina improba! Vel mihi ede potum vel mihi redde nummos meos!)

By 2005 physicists were well on the way to solving the energy crisis
Their earnest effort has been half-a-century in the making
Now they were about to build Iter the lean and mean energy machine
I am absolutely confident, said Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS
And the oil company CEOs were shaking in their boots
They started advertising on TV about their commitment to alternative energy sources
There were campaigns called Beyond petroleum, Will you join us? etc
Soon, anticipating fusion utility energy, there will be a slogan campaign:
"Crude is rude, dude!"
Give just 5 10 years for Iter to get started
Give another 5 10 years for them brilliant scientists to do their thinky stuff
In about 15 years you will hear that Iter has achieved sustained fusion!
Sustained for xx microseconds, that is
Give another 10 years (+ another few billion dollars) for scientists to build a new machine to increase this length xx
Now we are in 2030, and we have The Son of Iter
By 2050, The Son of Iter will show a staying power of xy microseconds
Around that time, the world will joyfully celebrate
A Hundred Years of Fusion Energy Research
Commemorative postage stamps will be issued
Bronze statues of the leaders will be erected in respective nations
How much further till we get fusion energy into our homes?
I have no interest in what happens then
I don't plan to be around
Those who will be around then, find that Professor Sir dude who will be in charge then, and ask him
I am absolutely confident he will tell you, I am almost confident
The difference between the undead fusion research and the defunct Star Wars research (SDI) is this:
In the latter case, they had to demonstrate on a timetable success that is understandable and obvious to the lay public
Fusion research is undead because there is never any such timetable, not really
Suppose their funding was made contingent on powering a small village by 2010....
But let's allow them more time than even the next Space Odyssey
Let's make it 2020
Whatever year you make, that's the year the program will end
You catch my meanin'?
For further observations on this subject, please visit the Gift Shop and look up the book:
The Bringers of Fire


The Inquisitor-General
:  Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem )


Gerard 't Hooft of the University of Utrecht

Dutch Nobelist t Hooft is illustrious for more reasons than the obvious one
Despite his noble station in life, he gets down to the hoi polloi world of the Internet
He is trying to reform the world of physics
But unlike Toms, our Gerardus does it a with fine sensayuma
He gives you canons on how to become a good theoretical physicist
He gives you encyclicals on the philosophy of physics
Basically, to be a good physicist, you have to be like Gerard t Hooft
If you live by his credo, he says you may even get the Nobel Prize
The young generation of aspiring theoretical physicists would do well to follow t Hooft
He also gives you canons on how to become a bad theoretical physicist
Basically, to be a bad physicist, you have to be like Myron Evans (loc. cit.)
A bad physicist publishes his papers in journals where the Editor snores with his head on the desk
And half the current Editorial Board are actually six-feet-under
A bad physicist uses high prose
A bad physicist attaches his own name to his own theory
(Exception for establishment members: If your last initial is L, you can mysteriously call your theory the Gamma Theory)
Thank God for the good Inquisitor-General!

The Heretic
:  Damnant quod non intelligunt?)


Myron Wyn Evans of the Alpha Foundation Institute for Advanced Study

Welsh chemist Myron Evans is what the Americans would call a piece of work
This can be complimentary or derogatory
't Hooft berates Evans on his science
Well, OK
't Hooft is worried that isolated groups of physicists may actually believe Evans
(Translation: He is worried Evans says things to the world, bypassing the establishment censorship apparatus)
Surely you jest, Mijnheer!
Evans's work is controversial; but what great work has not been?
He is scrappy and quarrelsome; but so was Socrates
He beats his own drum; he would not if others did this for him
He invites people to nominate him for the Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize
Why laugh? Academics secretly campaign for such prizes
Evans attaches his own name to his own theory: Is this vanity or ownership?
As long as Evans doesnt display the image of a bronze statue of himself in his web site, hes OK in my book
But forget who or what Evans is
Forget what calculation errors he has made
Just look at one thing -
With French physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier, Evans derived this result:
The photon has a magnetic field component in the direction of propagation
This single result may tower in significance over all of Quantum Theory
So I would not berate Evans
But to understand Welshman Evans you have to understand the Irishman Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton
That dude made so many calculation errors....
Who in right mind would want to follow him?
t Hooft is right: Young aspiring theoretical physicists should not follow Evans!
Leave that to the young aspiring extraordinary theoretical physicists!


:  Vanitas vanitatum dixit Ecclesiastes vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas)

[Source: http://faculty.smu.edu/bakewell/BAKEWELL/images/omec-xalapa.jpg]

An Olmec Head

[Source: www.palmbeachart.com]

Bust of a dead (good) theoretical physicist

[Source: www.phys.uu.nl]

Bust of a living (good) theoretical physicist
:  Acht en tachtig prachtige grachten, en n prachtig standbeeld?)


:  Nucleo predicus dispella conducticus)


Physics in the 21st Century is being shaped in no place as it is in the Groom Room
In the Groom Room is the Quick Star Hero-making Machine of Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Once a physicist has decide to groom himself as a genius, he pays Sylvester McMonkey McBean
McBean counts the money, then ushers him into the input port of the Machine
Then the Machine comes alive ..
Whirring, purring, grinding, stuttering, sputtering, humming, revving up, revving down
And then, kind of suddenlike - from the output port - out pops the star-bellied physicist!

And what a star it is!
The Machine, you see, has a highly advanced processor
It creates an image after taking just the right element from just the right source
Einstein was not particularly well-groomed, so do not emulate him in the appearance department
But take only his genetic lineage.
Carl Sagan was rather loud, so do not emulate him in the decibel category
But take his pretty boy attribute.
The Pope is wise but old, so do not emulate him in all respects
Just take his wisdom.
God is difficult to cast as a human, unless you count George Burns
So take just His mind.
The Anthropic Principle is a hot topic, but a tricky one
So latch on to it, but stay on the right side....
And so on and so on and so on

Here is no R2D2 or C3PO; We have here HAL18000
The diablical Hero-making Machine that outthinks the human.
The Quick Star Dream Machine (Star-On Version)
(The Star-Off version works in reverse)

Thus in the end, you have the high-gloss finished product: The Great 21st Century Physics Genius!
Where do you get physics, you ask me?
Beats me.


[Source: http://www.wildwings.com/ww/images/weir98036d.jpg]

:  Senito aliquos togatos contra me conspirare )

By 2005 there has formed an entire virtual world of physics, the Physicstown
In the virtual Physicstown of the Internet there is a central square
Call it Town Square, City Center, Zentrum, Zocalo, Maidan, Plaza de Armas
It is a vast open space, surrounded by tall stately buildings
These buildings house the fancy shops with glass fronts the establishment
They peddle their wares real fancy-like, with them Italian and French names
Gucci, Fendi, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Bruno Magli
But straddling the millennium boundary, there arose another phenomenon:
In the open space a scruffy, ragtag lot -
The revolutionaries, the counterculture elements, the reactionaries
They have set up shop any which way they can
Tents, kiosks, wheeled carts, or just merchandise spread out on the grass
Fortunetellers, peepshows, freakshows, a contortionist orangutan.
Cotton candy, kisses, warm peanuts in shells in tiny paperbags
Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon here
The demise of the current establishment is taking shape here
Slowly and imperceptively
The fancy buildings will be stormed soon?
Not really
Through the Media apparatus, the establishment controls the public's entire view of physics exploration
The revolution has no access to the Media
The establishment can thus promote bogus science as genius, and suppress legitimate science
They can, and they do
Being at the top of all intelligentsias, the enjoy the staus of:
Unchellenged privilege
The establishment simply amuses themselves with the revolutionaries
What vanity? Comparing yourselves to Einstein! Ha Ha Ha
Then they compare themselves to God
And then they lovingly caress their own bronze statue
And then they eat cake
The revolutionaries are like so many helpless peasants flailing their arms
And there is something else that caps the revolutionary indignation
The counterculture offensive seems to draw a line: This far and no farther!
The language of criticism is kept ever so polite and diplomatic and tactful and graceful and submissive
They speak of engaging the establishment in "honest and positive discussion"
It is like going hunting, and pelting rose petals at the wild boar while imploring him to drop dead
Do you know why?
Because everybody wants to stay on the good side of the Nobel Prize Committee
They are the only people that can grant you Nirvana
And even revolutionaries crave Nirvana
And as long as you are alive, there's hope
So the unchallenged privilege continues unchallenged
The revolution is just entertainment - like a carnival and a raree show

:  Certe, toto, sentio nos in kansate non iam adesse )

Lets take a walk and meet a few of them!
Heres Myron Evans whom youve already met
Theres Harold Aspden, who would rather Einstein had stayed in the Patent Office
Theres feisty physics critic Carolyn Thompson who with two Masters Degrees, is no dilettante
Stephen Wolfram the financial tycoon with a weighty scientific tome
Ivor Catt, whose Dad actually met the actual Lawrence of Arabia!
Harold Puthoff the free-thinking Stanford physics Ph.D., who has the distinction of being berated by the magus named Randi
Well, continue on through the plaza there are so many unique folks to meet
And, hello, dont forget yours truly!
I peddle a mean plate of samosa and chana, with mango chutney and hot sauce


:   Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut aurum)

The most important thing about todays physics establishment is this:
Once you have fancy machines, you can do unlimited fancy experiments
When you do this, you will naturally observe things that have not been observed before
It is easy to put some theory around these
And hey presto, youve got an experimental discovery!
Once you have fancy mathematics, you can do unlimited fancy calculations
When you do this, you will get expressions that have not been derived before
It is easy to put some observations around them
And hey presto, youve got a theoretical discovery
Now publish papers and make news
Reader, youve got to get up pretty early to see through all this
But, if you are a late riser, there is another way:
Ask, What conceivable good is this stuff to mankind today or tomorrow?
And if this is pure quest for knowledge, what does John Q. Public get out of this?
I mean, Johnny pays for this stuff, doesnt he?

In 2005, environmental sciences, meteorology and oceanography, space exploration all made great strides for mankind
So did biology and medicine, archaeology and anthropology.
These are solid, transparent strides whose value we can all understand
You do not have to take on faith the words of a few experts that they are great
Johnny is getting great value for his money

And then there were also noteworthy activities in physics in its own landmark year 2005
If King Canute stayed the ocean waves, physicists slowed down light
And they made two photons entangle, not just upper body, but in a full-body hug
(This makes Teleportation a certainty - so FedEx is thought to be interested)
They were well on their way to making soldiers in the battlefield invisible
(The Military is lavishly funding this research)
And they took a two-legged molecule out for an evening stroll
(Can a Nano-Jurassic Park be far behind?)
They broke a symmetry, the universe became a mathematical vector, and hallelujah! - it started to glow
(Don't buy too many light bulbs at a time - who knows....)
Quantum Theory also made great strides
Quantum effect was observed also in a miniature pocket comb
(This might have some application to stimulating the hair follicles)
They harnessed a "team" of 240 horses - er - electrons, and did something-or-other with the team
(The world labor union leaders are scratching their heads)
Another team of electrons froze and became "glass"
(Steuben is sure to be interested)
And that extremely debilitating age-old mystery has finally been solved:
Why does a box have only Length, Width and Height - and no other dimensions?
(UPS is thought to be interested in this)
And equally profoundly, physicists also sensed "the essence" of the universe mere microseconds after the Big Bang:
The essence, quite appropriately, is a "liquid" a 7 percent(?) solution of quark in gluon
(There is talk of a Chanel No. 0)

Have all these physics accomplishments made mankind richer?
A few insider experts will say yes
That is all you have got to go by - only self-serving testimonials from vested interest
This is much like how CEOs of non-performing companies continue to make bullish pronouncements year after year after year..
As you watch your holdings go down, down, down...
Take the physics etablishment's pronouncements on faith - that is all you can do
How do you know if you are looking at progress of science;
Or a very clever intelligentsia getting a ride on your back?

Now there is a way to know:
Read my essays, and think for yourself
And believe me, when physics progresses, you'd know
It will not be necessary to take anyone's word on faith
Silicon chip, NMR imaging, global communication...ring a bell?
In contrast, what has all the hooplah about the miracle of High Temperature Superconductivity amounted to?
And fusion energy we've already talked about
Above are examples of the finest today's physics produces - the limit of their excellence
Now, let us naively aks ourselves:
Which of them doozies will do what good when?!

It is just that physics - as an organ of social benefit - has not progressed in a very long time
A science continually benefits society when the scientists have a continual burning desire to do so
And equally importantly, when they have the competence to do so
Look at the continual advance in cancer treatment
With physics leaders today, there is a burning desire all right
But it is not about leading society to Utopia
It is about leading self to Arlanda
Increasingly, physics is a less and less accessible pursuit of greater and greater experimental esoterica and theoretical navel contemplation
Increasingly, fewere and fewer people can judge what goes on there
And they are all insiders, the principals who are doing the research
Under the deceptive, fund-raising guise of a beneficial science
Like I said:
Unchallenged privilege


:   Vigilia pretium midiocris? )


[Source: Randi: briandunning.com; Baez: edge.org; Park: umd.edu]

Magician James Randi, Mathematician John Baez, Physicist Robert L. Park
Meet the famed bad science-busting triumvirate
They will heroically beat up on the little guys outside the establishment
They will rid this world of crackpots and fraudsters of science
They will give you homilies about good science
But ask them about the high-level hocus-pocus within the establishment, and they will hightail it!
Faster than you can say: Brane
(Why, for example, are they silent on the gigantic 2006 Physics Nobel Prize fraud?)
Heres the real crux of the whole issue of bad science:
The crackpots do not have enough power to usurp the course of science
The fraudsters can do harm, usually by separating some citizens from their money
Sometimes some gullible people can be inducted by crackpots and fraudsters
But the large-scale subversion of science occurs within the establishment
And separating of large-scale citizenry from their money also occurs here
Only, here the money is laundered through the US Treasury
It is called tax
And sometimes a great many young talent can diverted here to useless pursuits
The establishment will tell you: We are self-policing
That only applies to exposed cases of cooking up experimental data when action is unavoidable
They will throw the rule book at the outsiders, but the insiders can operate outside the rules
The white collar subversion of science is completely immune
This is justified under the noble rubric: Latitude in scientific exploration
And then the nobles make money from the fame: books, lectures etc
Basically, they have learned to convert hot mathemaical air into cool monetary assets
So the real criterion behind all this is whether you are inside or outside
That is why the above triumvirate operates outside the establishment
You see, they are like Special Ops they mount operations outside the country
The are the agents of the establishment, policing the rest of the world
Another thing: Continued defaming of outsiders is both necessary and desirable
The public might believe the outsiders when they expose the bad doings inside, unless you have rendered these outsiders unbelievable
And high profile defaming of others brings you fame
Fame you could not get from your day job
And who knows, may be even book royalties,...
Here's what our Guest Commentator has to say on this subject:
 :  Corruptio optimi pessima


[Source: galapagoscruise.com.ec]

The Flightless Cormorant has evolved in the Galapagos due to selective evolutionary factors there
Now, here's another example of origin of species by natural selection:
The Hapless Intelligentsia
By 2005, because of the counterculture movement and other hostile activities, the normally mild physicists became militaristic
They resolved to preserve a way of life, a purity of thought
They set up a three-layer perimeter defense
In the outermost Alpha Circle, the magus checked your person, your shoes and your drinking water
In the Beta Circle, a machine scored your luggage on a 37-point test
In the Gamma Circle, you were interviewed on a seven-point questionnaire
If you penetrated all these layers, you were welcomed and seated in the 747
You were now in an evolutionary environment 100% free of "crackpotism" - the cabin air is pressurized and filtered
Then the Dutch steward gave you step-by-step instructions on how to put on the life vest and seatbelt
You were now ready for the wide blue yonder - the sky is not the limit
When the plane was full, the pilot started the jet engines
Oh oh, they would not start: Theres no spark
It seems everyone forgot a minor detail:
A streak of crackpotism is the spark of genius
(You need a speck of dust to make a pearl)
So they sat their and admired the purity of their thought
And they sat there and preserved a way of life
And they sat there
The other flights with laissez-faire security kept taking off
Galen Airlines, Icarus Airways, Gaea Air,.



Why, for the better part of the last century, has the theoretical concept of photon possibly the very key to all physics - not been developed in mainstream physics?
 :  Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.

Einstein reviewed Newtons early concept of gravitation. Why, as our knowledge of magnetic field in the universe grew phenomenally over the past century, was not the early Maxwellian concept of magnetic field reexamined?
 :   Re vera, potas bene

If the concept were reexamined, couldnt physics have developed differently?
 :   Abutebaris modo subjunctivo

Why has low frequency magnetic communication an unclear issue of Electromagnetic Theory develpoed by obscure engineers not been taken up in mainstream physics?
 :   Utinam barbari spatioum proprium tuum invadant

Why has not the crossed field antenna which synthesizes electromagnetic waves from separate E and B fields not received any attention in mainstream physics?
 :   Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione

When would the mathematicians stop it already with their noisy and relentless pecking away at the tree of physics?
 :   Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?

Isnt it surprising that fusion researchers are still slogging away after fifty years of lavish funding of public dollars?
 :   Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est

Why is it that the brightest minds of the establishment gravitate to cosmology rather than, say, the energy crisis?
 :   Unitam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant

Finally, is there anything to the thesis that today physics "intelligence" is being carefully and systematically fixed around the Standard Model?
 :  Tetigisti acu!


(An imaginary conversation)


A mystery visitor (left) being entertained by Diogenes of Bombagor

Gallery Visitor:

So contrary to what we all believed before visiting the Gallery - we now get the impression that physics is at a crisis.


What you believe today is actually what you have been carefully led to believe. Physics is indeed at a crisis, and the crisis is the crisis of quality of todays physicists. There has been a gradual decline in this quality, a decline that has been overcompensated by Media-aided self-promotion by the establishment.


'Decline in quality' seems a rather vague, may be even self-serving, negative characterization.


Physics in yesteryear was natural philosophy. That is how the entire foundation of classical physics was laid down. The pioneers thought deeply and widely in the manner of savants. With the advent of Quantum Theory, theoretical physicists have increasingly become mathematical technicians. Today, this transformation is complete. Thinking today is one-dimensional. As the world's foremost physics historian, you already know all this. We have come to equate theoretical physics with calculating the heck out of the subatom. This is a very sad perversion. The social equivalent of the quantum theorists are the iPod zombies. Stick two plugs in your two ears, and shut out the world and listen to your own kind of music only. If anyone tries to stop you on the street to ask for directions, you just walk straight on by with your eyes focused at infinity. If you can imagine where the society is headed thusly, you can imagine where physics is headed.

[Source: www.lagmonkey.com]


We just heard about physicists having gone astray a hundred years ago, having missed important issues in classical physics. But this seems to be just a conjecture out of thin air.


No, this is not a conjecture. In the first place, there is the photon whose nature has been deliberately kept obfuscated. Secondly, there are clear issues in Electromagnetic Theory which also have been kept suppressed. Third, they are forging ahead with Quantum Theory in spite of the many questions that have arisen. All these are symptomatic of what has been missed in classical physics.


Still and all, this is non-specific criticism. Unless there is something very specific that has emerged, it is hard to buy into your point of view.


The criticism is very specific. To see this, start here, and work your way through. Surely you've heard of Bibhas De.


Of course I've heard of Bibhas De. I've even written about him. But if the establishment controls everything, it is difficult to see any way out of the impasse. This is not politics or statecraft and you cannot expect a Mao Zedong style revolution. You cannot send the entire establishment to a Reeducation Camp. So, all this railing about the crisis is ineffectual. There is no crisis as far as the establishment is concerned.


All that is true. But I am looking for one honest man within the establishment. Either a physicist who wants to make a difference, or a physics historian who wants to matter. Depth and honesty of intellect, and moral courage. Those are what it will take. This person can rock their boat, and bring about the transformation from within. I am looking for that honest man with my headlamp in broad daylight.


Surely this is nothing to do with a physics historian! Why should I take this monkey on my back?


It is as much a matter for a physics historian as the Iraq war is a matter for a war historian. Today historians in any field - war history, presidential history, American history, Middle East history, Islamic history - all have a great deal to say abou the Iraq war.


But we do not have anything here that anyone even recognizes to be a valid issue!




Thank you for the tour. By the way, these samosas are pretty good!


I like them.


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Who really is Sylvester McMonkey McBean?

Is the Big Bang Black Body Bogus?



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Good Bye. Come Again. Come Often.


Posted: 14 February 2006