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Towards the concept of
Sourcefree Magnetic Structures

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Physics in the Twenty-First Century

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Bhikkhu Rahula,
A Buddhist Monk

Diogenes of Bombagor
An Indigent

Meet the imaginary dialogists:

Bhikkhu Rahula is a highly esteemed Buddhist monk and scholar and logician.

Diogenes of Bombagor – who was introduced elsewhere - is a shabby indigent person who hangs out around the marketplace of Bombagor’s capital city, always wearing a lit miner’s headlamp – always. When he is not in the marketplace, he is in the public library – reading or surfing the Net. At night, he sleeps in an abandoned jacuzzi by the river. Because the King of Bombagor holds him in high esteem, the people of Bombagor are kind to him. On this occasion, Diogenes has obtained some funds from the Royal Treasury to travel to Thyangboche Monastery.

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Time: The evening of Bouddha Purnima
Place: The moonlit courtyard of Thyangboche Monastery
The hypnotic chanting of monks can be heard



Greetings, O Bhikkhu! As the Blessed One said in the monastery of Anathapindaka, burning, burning, burning – all is burning.


Burning with what?


Burning with the fire of impermanence. Will you answer me one question?


I will answer. But tell me first, Why do you wear that lit miner’s headlamp?


In the light of this lamp I seek lasting value amid life’s impermanence. Tell me, O Bhikkhu, what is the most primal substance of the universe?


Well, what do our great scientists think it is?


They think it is a liquid preparation made of quarks and gluons, in some prescribed proportion. But that somehow does not satisfy me.


Why does it not satisfy you?


I do not get any sense of profoundness in this idea. How can the answer to the Grandest Mystery be an apothecary concoction? I expect the universe at its most rudimentary to be the most profound. I expect the primal substance to be a single and simple thing of profound beauty. And yet I expect it to embody in this simplicity the ideas of shapes and forms, and the notions of perpetuation and repetition. I expect it to be a substance and yet be without substance. Can there be such a thing?


As the Buddha might suggest, use clear logic and unclouded reason. Dialogue with yourself thus: The most rudimentary substance of the universe is obviously some type of energy. And the most primal substance of the universe is obviously that energy which can reside in perfectly empty space, unsupported by and not needing anything else for its presence and continuance. If you know of such energy, then we can proceed. If you do not know of such energy, then our knowledge to date is insufficient for your inquiry. Do you know of any such energy?


Yes, there is only one such energy and it is called electromagnetic energy. It is made of time-varying electric and magnetic fields, and nothing else. The electric and the magnetic fields have a duality among them. Whenever a magnetic field varies with time, there is an electric field, and vice versa.


Fine, but you still have three things: electric and magnetic fields, and time. In the monastery of Anathapindaka, the Blessed One said: Absolute Truth is beyond duality and relativity. So what can you do to get down further to an absolute state - a single, timeless entity?


Amazingly, there is a way to do this! We take the time variation, which is arbitrary, to the limit of slowness where nothing really changes. And with the disappearance of time variation, the electric field disappears. We are left with the entire energy now residing in only static magnetic field.


Why choose to preserve the magnetic field and not the electric field? Don’t you have an equal choice here, since you say there is a duality between these two fields?


In the universe that we observe today, static magnetic field is in evidence from the smallest to the grandest scale, from the closest to the farthest reaches. But there is no such evidence of static electric field. So the universe itself is telling us something about the primacy of static magnetic field over static electric field. And this also gets us past the duality and into the absolute.


This is good reasoning based on observations. But is there anything in scientific logic that would also speak to a preference for magnetic field.


Now that you bring up the point, there indeed is. It emerges that cosmic magnetic fields are generally not dependent on the motion of an observer, while the elecric field is. We might even say the the former is absolute and the latter is relative.


Excellent! And if you are left with only static magnetic field and absolutely nothing else anywhere in the universe, is this permitted in physics?


Not unless the magnetic field can close upon itself. But that state is forbidden in physics.


Then we have reached a roadblock. The mind is unable to proceed further. We can close the topic here. Or we can ask: What does the soul say?


My soul wishes to proceed along this line, the roadblock notwithstanding.


Then the closed magnetic structure is the primal substance of the universe. The mind will follow the soul, and the roadblock will be removed.


But this goes against all that science has come to stand for!


Isn’t the history of science a history of revisions? Why is that? It is that science is a product of the human mind. This mind gradually deciphers what is already there in the universal soul. When the mind mis-deciphers, that is when revisions are needed. But if you can decipher the soul correctly ahead of science, then you are ahead of science.


But there is another problem, another roadblock. In the scientific mind magnetic structures such as this are considered fiction. They are just mathematical constructs. They have no reality.


And the soul says what?


My soul wants to give it reality.


Well then you have answered your own question. When you use the mind, you get knowledge that may be temporal. When in addition you use the soul, you add wisdom that is timeless. The knowledge and the wisdom may be at odds initially, but will reconcile in the end. So, to you, the primal essence of the universe are closed magnetic structures in perfectly empty space, being a substance, and still not a substance of our experience – visible or tangible.


That is such a remarkably simple and satisfying result! And its profundity is limitless. This magnetic structure most naturally embodies in its simplicity the great concepts of shapes and forms, of structural repetition and perpetuation, of time-variations and waves. Everything the universe is is seeded in this. But do I also sense an intimation of permanence here?


Thus it is said that the smile of the Awakened One makes all things simple and satisfying. And when you proceed further to a higher level of comprehension through Right Understanding and Right Thought, you will sense permanence. The infinite compassion of the universal mind – a substance without substance - is the soul. The thing of lasting value, of permanence. Do you understand?


I think I do.

(Diogenes switches off his headlamp)


Enough dialog. Now come my noble friend and have an evening meal of lotus leaf rice and yak butter tea with me and my fellow Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis.

(The Bhikkhu joins his palms, lowers his head and closes his eyes, and in a deep, sonorous voice, chants:)

Om Mani Padme Hum.


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The following is based on a documented scientific paper
From here down it is straight physics

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A source-free magnetic structure is just what it says: A finite structure of static magnetic field lines in empty space with no sources in it, the field going zero towards infinite distances in all directions, and it may even go to zero at the center of the structure. It is obtained as a solution of Maxwell’s equations. However, once obtained, the ramifications – such as a moving source-free magnetic structure constituting a free space wave – are not understandable within the confines of Maxwell’s equations. These ramifications suggest an entire world of TransMaxwellian Physics – of which Maxwell’s Equations may represent only the starting point.

It has been further suggested that such structures have a mass. That makes them particles. They may be candidates for the ultimate constituent of matter.

These structures also have, associated with them, a length-scale, a spatial periodicity, and a finite energy. These qualities are ones that one might think would be the attributes of a photon at rest. For example, a spinning but non-translating structure of this type could be likened to a photon at rest. This suggests that the photon has a mass – a suggestion that has also come from independent workers from independent directions.

In sum then, such structures hint at an ultimate reality of the universe. Waves, particles, matter, energy – everything ultimately is made of them.

This page is a reading guide for those wishing an entrée into this entirely new world - dreamed of neither in physics nor in science fiction.

It is recommended that you read the following in the order they are given.



This is a graphical representation of the discoveries of James Clerk Maxwell and Hannes Alfven – showing where my work fits in.


This is a general discussion that places my work in a historical context, and discusses possible scientific and technological ramifications of the idea.



Impossible                                         The Plasma Ring: A precursor to source-free magnetic structure?

This Link takes you to a description of Lennart Lindberg’s Plasma Ring Experiment, conducted around 1960. This experiment was performed to demonstrate the transference of magnetic energy from one geometry to another ("flux amplification"), and was interpreted accordingly. We can also interpret (but not overinterpret) this as an attempt to generate a source-free magnetic structure, without changing the original interpretation. As the ring exits from the coaxial plasma gun, it does not extinguish but transitions to a source-free structure. At the same time, its magnetic field – originally a combination of toroidal and poloidal fields – shows a tendency to transition to poloidal mode – which is what the field in the theoretical source-free magnetic structure is. Thus, this experiment may have serendipitously studied an immediate precursor to the source-free magnetic structure. If the Plasma Ring Experiment were performed today with the express objective of testing the source-free field structure theory – all other things remaining the same, the results of the experiment would be seen to lend credence to the theory. For a more detailed description of the experiment, see Cosmical Electrodynamics, H. Alfven and C.-G. Falthammar, Oxford University Press, London, 1963, pp 125-127.


This is the first documentation of the theoretical discovery.
You might prefer a very concise version:



This is record of my unsuccessful attempts to publish the paper, over a period of some five years, in the mainstream scientific journals.


This places in focus the exact mathematical reason why the discovery should accepted or rejected.


The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject at issue. Here you can read how a most thorough effort was made to disprove my paper. You can also read how I tried to cooperate with them, in the hope that they will publish their findings – whatever they are. But this lengthy effort did not lead anywhere, and was abandoned without reaching any conclusions. These very people sought initially to suppress the paper. Then they failed to disprove it after the paper was published elsewhere. Then they assumed a posture of silence.


Here my theoretical discovery that static magnetic field in empty space is a mass is discussed. The relationship between this mass and the magnetic field "energy" does not follow the Mass-Energy relation. Hence "TransEinsteinian".


Here is shown how the source-free magnetic structure acts as a gateway from Maxwellian Physics to an entire new, possibly vastly larger world of TransMaxwellian Physics. Increasingly, it seems to me that Maxwellian physics is a bay, TransMaxwellian physics is the ocean, and the source-free structure is the inlet connecting the two. Today's science and technology could then be seen as being restricted to the bay.


Some thoughts are offered here on how to approach any project aimed at attempting to create and detect the source-free magnetic structure.


With the knowledge of the source-free structures and the consequent revision of classical physics, one might go back and ask certain questions about the advent of the quantum theory.


Two views of the photon.

Finally, "Home" is where I speak my piece against this scientific establishment, which has for so long tried to keep my ideas from seeing the light of day, and which, in case of many other unconventional thinkers, probably succeed in doing so.

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